On the Issues

Your safety. Your children. Your pocketbook. They matter to Beth.

Crime with Consequences

Do you feel as safe as you did a few years ago?

  • I support STRONG measures to promote greater public safety and assure violent criminals are not returned to the streets.
  • I support the Protect MN Kids Act to prosecute internet crimes against children by sexual predators.
  • I will work to support victims of Human Trafficking and support increased law enforcement to fight this – MN is one of the worst states for this.
  • I support the full funding of local and state law enforcement.
  • I will work to tighten MN Statutes, eliminating loopholes that are allowing judges to release violent criminals that create a Catch and Release of repeat offenders. This is endangering communities and exhausting law enforcement efforts.
  • I will work to ban ‘charitable bail’ groups like the MN “Freedom” Fund that is bailing out violent criminals, as a so-called form of protest to defund the police. These violent criminals have no skin in the game, no consequences, and no incentive to prevent them from committing other offenses while awaiting trial.
  • I will work to establish carjacking as a separate crime with it's own severe sentencing, unlike my opponent's party which killed the bill in committee!

Excellence in Education

Are you satisfied with the current educational outcomes of MN students?

  • Decisions made at the legislature are impacting local control of school districts by various mandates. Activists (not educators) for the first time in history, are writing Social Studies standards with a Marxist political agenda.  Such overreaches tie the hands of local School Boards.


  • Funding for Special Education from the state has been insufficient for many years. This has caused school districts to cover these costs through their General Fund.  As a result, Districts fund balances are being depleted and require substantial cuts to programs such as middle school sports, foreign languages, electives and even Media Center staffing in our District.  This funding known as the “cross subsidy” must be addressed and resolved.  The amount that the state and federal government are obligated to cover, but don’t, is $12 million in Bloomington each year.  I will advocate for this to change.


  • Discipline policies imposed on school districts by the MN Human Rights Commission are proving to interfere with learning in the classroom. Teachers are concerned about lack of support in discipline issues statewide and parents are concerned about the safety of their students.


  • I am greatly concerned about recent changes to teacher licensing requirements being revised by an unelected board, appointed by the current administration that are being controlled by the teacher’s union – Education Minnesota. This board, the Professional Licensing Standards Board (PLSB) is proposing training in a revisionist history focusing on oppressors (Whites) and the oppressed (persons of color), sexual Identity ideology, as well as other Marxist ideology.  To verify this, click here.

Your State Rep influences your daily life. Do you feel represented?

Beth Beebe Listens. Do these matters concern you, too?

Economic Stability without Raising Taxes

Are you struggling to stretch your income?

  • End the state of Minnesota Social Security Tax, that penalizes seniors and reduces their income.


  • Reduce the high taxes that encourage residents to leave MN for more affordable states. When they leave, the state loses revenue.


  • With current inflation at over 8%, I will work to rein in new regressive taxes that impact those on fixed or low incomes, such as the gas tax increases my opponent wants to put into place, as well as a local option sales taxes. These are NEW Taxes!  Bloomington residents need a reprieve, not an increase.